Tonye Princewill seeks external intervention in Rivers APC crisis

Tonye Princewill
By Omeiza Ajayi – Abuja
A chieftain of the APC and an ally of Rotimi Amaechi the Transportation minister, Prince Tonye Princewill has called for an external intervention to resolve the lingering crisis in the Rivers State chapter of the party which is also currently threatening its national leadership.
He said; “In 2019, we saw the result of ‘if it’s not me, then it’s nobody’. Today we are seeing it building slowly again. I didn’t join APC for this.
“Call leaders to order, calm frayed nerves and let us end this public show of shame. It is only the Presidents that can solve this. The Senate President, the Vice President or the President himself.
“As an Imperial college engineer by training, I believe if you understand problems, you can design solutions. Please, therefore, permit me to quote from physics. Newton’s first law of motion to be exact. It says thus, ‘that everybody continues in its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force to do otherwise.’
“In other words, this big wahala will not end, unless big external forces intervene. Amaechi sacrificed more than most for this party. Bear with him.
“He has earned that right. Edo and Rivers are linked. And Rivers can move mountains. Suspending Amaechi can never be an option. But I fear that things are about to escalate.
“A party that reflects only Magnus Abe or any other interest and their supporters is not going to take us to the promise land. Neither is one that will reflect only our former Governor, the Honourable Minister, and his key team.
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“Everyone should be given a chance to get involved now. This is precisely where I differ on the recent Dele & Ors judgement. Everyone in APC should have been allowed to contest any Congress.
“We’re now in 2020. Not just those members who purchased forms in 2018. A lot has happened since then. But it is what it is. The court has spoken. We cannot go against the court and hope that it will be forgotten.
“Finally, nobody should be surprised at either side showing distrust. The history of ‘betrayal’ is long and the nerves are still raw. People are very afraid. Some even of their shadow.
“Those who are not, will go ahead and look for peace outside a court. Boma Erekosinma said, ‘I dey there better pass dem say.’ We have put too much into APC to be observers.  If truly you believe that Wike plans to take over the APC, through Igo Aguma, Magnus Abe, or anyone, complaining is not a strategy.
“I belong to the group of Amaechi supporters that believes peace is better than war. Since we are not afraid of wars, there is no way on this earth we can be afraid of peace. We do not operate out of fear”, he added.
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