Kenya defeats Djibouti for African Security Council seat

Kenya was elected to the UN Security Council on Thursday after defeating Djibouti in a run-off vote.
The East African nation will replace South Africa in the non-permanent seat. It received 129 votes against Djibouti’s 62.
Niger and Tunisia are the other representatives of the African continent.
Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta said the win was a “demonstration of the country’s growing profile and influence in the community of nations as a steadfast and dependable development partner”.
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He thanked Djibouti for being a “worthwhile opponent” and the African Union (AU) for its endorsement.
Djibouti and Kenya had failed to clinch the two-thirds majority (128 votes) in the first round of voting.
President Kenyatta said the country will consolidate and voice Africa’s position in the Security Council and will advance its 10-point agenda outlined in its campaign.
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